Kahviland is Leena Kela and Kristina Junttilas performance- and script writing project.

Kahviland is exhibited at the Mänttä Art Festival during the summer 2014.

Mänttä Art Festival 15.6 – 31.8.2014, open every day from 10 am – 6 pm. www.mantankuvataideviikot.fi


Order coffee if you are feeling:

drained, social, angry, charmed, fed up, curious, liberated, anxious or adventurous

…and see how it affects the strength of your coffee.



1. Choose an emotion by clicking on its icon on the screen. A coffee exercise*, tailored to your present mood, will be printed for you.

2. Go to the automatic coffee machine and order the drink specified by your coffee exercise.

3. Now you have a coffee and an exercise in your hand. Look on the map to find where you should perform your coffee exercise. Open the door and enter Kahviland!


*A coffee exercise is a written instruction or suggestion for a coffee performance – based on the Fluxus tradition. The exercise can be performed either alone, with someone else, or you can even see it just as a performance aphorism. There’s no right or wrong way to do the exercise – only your way. Coffee is the only necessary ingredient